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Since 1964, Dencon has specialised in producing office furniture.

We produce quality furniture focusing on ergonomic design because we know that a good working environment is crucial to productivity in a company. Consequently, we take great honour in developing office, meeting and conference furniture that functions in modern companies and modern working environments.

At Dencon we work closely with Danish designers and architects to unite architecture with innovative solutions, so we can meet our customers requirements and needs as best possible when it comes to the interior of offices. The close cooperation also means that in addition to timeless design, we also include ideas, considerations and visions into our office furniture. Right from the classically simple and minimalistic expression to the passionate and provocative furniture experience.

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Danish design tradition and awareness

Our ambition is formed by a long and proud tradition of Danish design and craftsmanship. Dencon is proud to be representing this tradition and we strive to be a reliable supplier of first-class office furniture throughout Europe where the Danish awareness of detail shines through.
With many years experience within the furniture industry, we try every day to elevate the heritage from the Danish tradition and, consequently, we only select the best products where the human being is in focus - we have you and your physical well-being in our mind.

Room for contemplation

At Dencon, we know that minimalistic and elegant furniture help to create the ideal settings for productivity. Therefore, we focus on developing stylish screens that can be the perfect addition to the open office environment. With the screens you have the option to create space for contemplation. In addition to muffling noise, the movable screens can also function as room dividers. Get more inspiration for your office interior here.

The professional environment

At Dencon, we are aware that a good first impression is important. As a result, we have a large selection of office furniture to create the complete experience for your customers and guests. We are proud to be able to offer office furniture for the stylish reception area as well as quality products to create top professional settings for your meetings.

A good working environment stands on the shoulders of a good community. Therefore, it is important to have the space to take care of just that. We have more than 50 years’ experience in creating an atmosphere in the canteen where employees can form professional and social relationships - a space for the development of ideas. With our broad assortment of quality furniture, we can most certainly find a solution for your company. You can see more about your next canteen here

The best products gathered in one place

We see the company as a whole and we are aware that the office is more than a work station. Therefore, we have solutions that can embrace all parts of the company. We are proud to be able to offer a broad selection of, desks, bookshelves, meeting and conference tables or other office furniture. The options are endless and we are ready to help you with your challenges.

No two companies are the same. At Dencon we know this - therefore we offer unique interior options with our special furniture. We have endless combination options within our standard assortment. Furthermore, we also have the possibility to design and produce furniture that is customised to precisely your working environment - everything for a better workplace.

Every day we aim to help small and large companies to create solutions that are formed by their working day. Would you like us to help you and your company to realise your next interior adventure? Then contact your Dencon distributor so, together, we can meet your ambitions for the workplace.

We want to make good employees better through good furniture design.

The absence of hierarchy is a fundamental Danish value that is reflected in the way Danish workplaces are furnished. At Dencon, we have a proud tradition of creating democratic working environments: it’s about communication, openness, and commitment.

Furniture designer

Part of the Danish design heritage

Dencon upholds traditional Danish design values deep in its soul. Our design is democratic, it focuses on harmony and the person who will use our furniture.

It’s a differing approach

The person in focus means that we take the body and its functions into consideration. We do this because we know that moving the body affects well-being, which has a positive impact on your workday.

Made in Denmark since 1964

After more than 50 years on the market, Dencon is shaped by Danish traditions of craftsmanship and design. Most of our furniture is produced at our factory in Denmark, by craftsmen who have a sense for quality in all respects.


Traditionally, Danish design places a strong emphasis on details in the aesthetic, attention to quality and functionality - so our furniture lives up to its intended purpose, and it also beautiful to the eye.

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