Dencon has produced flexible office furniture since 1964 and we are proud to present an indispensable addition to your office or teaching environment - Denbox.
Denbox is a series consisting of flexible modules that you can adapt to every need. Denbox is functional and the combination options are endless.

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Denbox is produced in all our elegant lacquer colours, DPL colours and veneers. The seat cushions are made from the Lido/Lido Trend quality fabric, which is available in no less than 83 different colours. As mentioned, the combination options are endless - you have a real opportunity to create a unique look that reflects the company and your employees.

All Denbox modules come with two chrome handles and each one has small feet underneath which create a light and elegant look. At the same time, they are stable when they are stacked on top of each other. Denbox is available in a durable material which invites use every single day.

Create an inviting and airy office environment

With Denbox, you can create a unique look that matches the company’s culture. The Denbox design can help to make your office or teaching environment stylish and flexible. With these modules you can adapt the surroundings to the situation.

The modules are movable and can be stacked. Every day can look different with Denbox as it is an accessible and trouble-free renewal of your office environment.

Think outside the box with Denbox

There are many advantages to Dencon’s Denbox - it is straightforward to furnish an elegant and stylish company with flexible solutions. Dencon’s module furniture sets no limits to the imagination - to the contrary. The modules can be combined precisely as you need.

With Denbox, you get the possibility to let your creativity with aesthetic design run free - create a dynamic interior. Among other things, Denbox functions as a stool or table and they can create a difference in levels when a conference or talk is to be held. You can adapt the style continuously and add a module when a change is needed.

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