COOL couch

Make your interior more cool and varied
For an effective working day, it is essential that the employees have the possibility to change between different working environments depending on the tasks and that the office facilities match the need.
Dencon’s COOL is ideal for your company and has a key function in daily well-being. COOL is suitable for the short breaks in the working day and as an informal and spontaneous meeting which strengthens creativity and the sense of community in the company.

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Create a stimulating office environment

With COOL you can create small oases in the company your employees can go to and have an informal moment with colleagues. It could also be the place you go to if you want space for contemplation in comfortable surroundings - COOL is actually sound insulated. 


With COOL in your reception or lounge area you can welcome both guests and employees in an open and inviting atmosphere. 

COOL is designed keeping in mind modern companies’ needs. It has a light and airy expression and is, of course, fitted with built-in sockets in each side for charging phones, etc.

Room for community

Create the framework for an informal meeting of your employees. A good community is the breeding ground for a healthy company.

Space for deepening

Good acoustics are essential to a good working environment. COOL invites tranquility and immersion with its sound-absorbing effect and timeless design.

A relaxing meeting

Meetings are no longer held only at long tables, invite for an effective and relaxing meeting in the soft comforts.

Individualise your company’s look

COOL adapts to your company. It is available with a high sound-absorbing back, a low and stylish back or completely without the traditional back but with back cushions in the middle making it possible to sit all the way around it.  


You can also add an integrated turning table for the mobile phone, book or computer. Perfect for handling most tasks. 


COOL is available in an abundance of colours and with our broad selection we can capture and express your company’s brand. 

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