Think about room dividing in a new way
The office environment of the future is flexible and Plint is created precisely to support your company’s flexible interior.

Plint makes it possible to furnish open offices in an entirely new and intuitive way as its flexible and refined design make it possible to use it in an abundance of different ways.

Replace your company’s empty and old bookshelves with our Plint. With Plint, you have far more options and can create a remarkable and flexible area.

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Self-renewing flexibility

Plint series adapts to your needs.

The video of Plint demonstrates how flexible the series is. When needs change, you can quickly transform the series simply by rearranging, replacing individual parts, or even just flipping the cabinets on the base.

Streamline your office environment

The Plint (the plinth) is a multi-functional addition to the interior of your company. You can draw power cables through Plint so power is always available when you need it and, consequently, you can easily charge your phone, computer, electric bicycle or scooter battery or plug in a lamp. All this is possible even though you’re not sitting close to an electrical outlet.


Plint was born flexible: For example, you can fit a clothes rail on Plint. You can also provide the means for a sustainable office environment with waste sorting and recycling.


Replace your room dividers with Plint. You will then have a piece of furniture that functions as a divider but which also has a host of other functions, such as a tray, as the top can be lowered, and also as storage.


Most day-to-day flexibility is a great desire of most companies. Replace the stationary shelving with our Plint, a multifunctional and extremely flexible solution.


Create a flexible framework for your employees based on our Danish design and craftsmanship


The right colour choice is essential for a comfortable office environment. Dencon's colour palette allows you to add new energy to your business and create an expression that gives good conditions for creativity.

Colour your working day

Plint can be combined in all imaginable colours, which adds natural energy and warmth to your office environment.


With Plint you can be certain that your company’s DNA is expressed because you can represent your expression precisely through your choice of colour and, of course, all the way down to the smallest detail.


You have the option to create both a calm area with room for contemplation with our shades of white and grey, and an energising and inspiring area with our large colour palette.


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CF Møller

In the video, you can hear Asger Rimmen Jakobsen, designer architect from CF Møller, explain why Plint is the future of flexible office furniture.

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