Storage creates order and overview. In our world, the design of storage is also about simplicity and minimalism. We work with varying heights and arrangement of storage in order to create eased and ergonomic work procedures - and to give the furniture more functions. So the storage provides space for immersion or a natural base for a conversation while standing.

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We make the look sophisticated with design and craftsmanship details. We have concerned
ourselves with exquisite joints and curves - details that create calm and harmony for the soul.

Mobile storage units

Dencon storage units are the modern answer to traditional office storage needs. For use in storing personal papers, writing instruments, and much more. A simple and stylish piece of furniture.


Bookcases, height extension units and cabinets
- with a myriad of potential combinations

Bookcase in timeless design with elegant angle joints, no visible holes. Storage in a 16 mm solid construction with surfaces in durable lacquered colors. With 16 lacquered colors, 3 veneers and 4 DPL colors, you have every opportunity to create the right visual mood and support the company's branding.
Available in 350 and 400 mm depths. Dampeners on doors and drawers. Beautiful design and sound quality.


Danish design

“To be, or not to be. That is the question.” And it is a question we have chosen to make our own. Our designs stand apart from the rest. More beautiful, simpler, and better. Angle joints, no unnecessary holes, 16mm boards and linoleum fronts. Stunning, inspirational and intriguing.

Extensive range

An extensive range of products with a wide range of options means flexible solutions. Available in 350 and 400 mm depths. Widths ranging from 400 to 1600mm, and heights from 398mm to 2158mm. Bookcases, cabinets, cabinets with sliding doors, pull-out storage cabinets, filing cabinets, lockers and wardrobes. Add your choice of doors, drawers, noise dampening rear panels, locks, hooks, wheels and bases. The possibilities are endless.


Furnishing an office is a challenge. We offer 16 completely new colours, three types of veneers, and 4 types of melamine, and should you not be able to find what you have in mind from our standard range, then just let us know. We’d be happy to make whatever you envisioned.

Pull-out storage cabinets

A practical piece of furniture for the modern office. A pull-out storage cabinet is often used for furnishing between workstations, partly for use as storage, and partly for use as a visual barrier between workstations. Simple and stylish.


Cabinets with sliding doors

Cabinets with sliding doors have the same stylish design as all other Dencon cabinets, plus the doors also have dampeners. This is also one element of contemporary furniture. There are no doors to open or close, just sliding ones, that don’t take up valuable office space.


Plant Boxes

With plant boxes for the Delta45 storage series from Dencon, you can create a lively and modern atmosphere in the office interior by arranging green areas and using plants as a beautiful and functional decorative element as part of the design.
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