Having the human in focus means that we take the body and the body’s functions into consideration. Because we know it is important and healthy to regularly change position when you work. Movement of the muscles and joints means well-being. well-being has an influence on efficiency and productivity.

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Therefore, most of our desks can be raised or lowered  - to precisely the position that suits the employee. Locked into position easily and fast. At the same time, the height can be freely adjusted so you can always stand exactly where you feel the best.

Moreover, the body is organic and can change in the course of the day: Most people are taller in the morning than in the evening, and the heels on shoes can vary from day to day. All this places demands on the desk - when you stand and sit.

Double desk

The double desk is our answer to the typical continental European office set-up. In Scandinavian offices, employees are traditionally seated individually, whereas in continental Europe, they are seated collectively. Our double desk is simple in design, without feet and with cable trays, which join the desks together. A fine-looking solution.

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Panel desk

The panel desk is an elegant and high-end alternative to the traditional office desk. The possibilities are largely the same, but it has a much more stylish expression.

A beautiful desk in a stunning setting.

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V7 desk

The Dencon V7 range of desks is a unique new solution, where design and function are incorporated to suit dynamic requirements in offices of the present and future. Human-centred design is focus on in all respects of the design, so the desk is both pleasing to the eye and comfortable on the body. Plus, the V7 range also incorporates the latest technology. The range is designed by Michael H. Nielsen.



Sitting/standing desk with in-built control panel in the table-top and with easy access to the cable basket via a table leaf extending the entire width of the table.

The opening comes with black cable brushes. Cables can be fed up through the table wherever you wish across the entire width of the table. The leaf is opened via a safety snap fastener.
Elegant round leg columns at an angle of 7 degrees provide a really good safety distance to the neighbouring table when the table is extended. In the top position, distance between the two tables will be approximately 170 mm.


Height adjustment

From 620-1270 mm with a lifting capacity of 100 kg. Ultra-silent motor, even with a maximum load.


Private drawer

Available with an oak front or in all lacquered standard colours. Utensil tray 8901 can be purchased as an extra.


Table-top design and surfaces

Ergonomically rounded corners with a 60 mm radius and flat edges. Surface and edge options as with all standard desks and lipping in oak.

Table-top and leaf can be supplied in the same material or in a combination of, for example, linoleum and oak.

The frame is supplied in white, black, lacquered aluminium or in chrome.


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Box panel desk

The box panel desk differs from a typical desk as it has a closed frame. This distinct style of desk allows it to appear more elegant and all encompassed.

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Dencon desks are designed by an interior architect. Simple Danish design. With smart looking sides, slim legs, stylish cable grommets, chamfered edge desktops - not the traditional straight edges, plus attractive bases that elegantly meld with the floor. A beautiful desk with chamfered legs, attractive executive desks, double desks, end panel desk, 38mm desktops and compact laminate desks.


The functionality helps made the desk even better. A cable solution like no other. Proper actuators, not single actuator systems, we also fit desk control panels so you can control the desk from your telephone or your computer. Cable trays that can be opened from either the front or back. These features set Dencon apart from the rest.

Custom design

If you would like a desk with a unique design that suits your needs, then why not design your own. The maximum dimensions available are 2400x1200mm.

Delta X

An elegant high-end desk design. Round legs, a stunning angled wooden front with hidden cable tray and and integrated control panel. An excellent example of a distinguished desk.

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Rectangular & square legs

Dencons rectangular legs are an example of fine design and practical solutions, no matter whether the desk has legs with fixed height, double or triple-jointed electrically operated legs, they all have the same appearance. 

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Round legs

Round legs, both manual and electric, have the same design. Elegant, exciting and functional

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Single column desk

The single column desk is ideal for use in hospitals, by occupational therapists, or in offices with limited space or where employees come and go. People can sit down and complete their tasks, and then get on with their day.

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