Canteen furniture

The canteen is about eating and social interaction. Here, people meet - formally and informally - or alone in peace and quiet with their focus on relaxing.

We create surroundings with a mix of tables and chairs, standing room, soft seats or one-man operated folding tables. With chairs that can be hung, which gives a visual calmness for the eye and makes it easier to clean the floor.

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Taking a break is an important and functional part of the working day. Therefore, a calm and elegant canteen is a major aspect when creating well-being in the workplace. The canteen must have a gathering effect for everyone in the company and, consequently, is a significant part of a good working environment. 

The choice of furniture tells a lot about the company. With Dencon as your sparring partner, you can be sure that we can create a canteen which, by way of a functional and durable design, can help to boost your employees.

Comfort and correct ergonomics - during your break, too

Physical well-being comes from the inside and the outside. Therefore, it is important to have chairs and tables that are good to sit in and at - during your break, too.


Dencon’s broad assortment of canteen furniture can help to create the company’s breathing space in the working day. With our furniture, we provide your employees and guests with an ergonomically correct solution. In this way, you can ensure that your skilled employees thrive all day long.

Practical and aesthetic furniture

Dencon delivers solid canteen furniture that is maintenance-free and easy to clean. They are created for everyday use.


With one of our solutions you can feel secure in the fact that your furniture will appear beautiful and elegant for many years because we always use quality materials in our production.


Our flexible canteen furniture makes it possible to optimise the use of the space. Here, you can create space for both formal and informal functions with our canteen tables which have folding legs and our stacking chairs. You can also create smaller informal cosy corners with our round tables. The possibilities are many - the solution is a whole.


Get more inspiration for your future canteen environment here.

A broad selection - that will suit your needs

At Dencon you have the option to design a unique canteen with our broad assortment of canteen furniture. We produce canteen chairs and tables in many different shapes, colours and materials. You can always find the tables and chairs that suit your needs at Dencon.


With a solution from Dencon, you can create a calm area for quiet contemplation or an inspiring area that generates ideas. We can most certainly find the ideal solution for your company. 


We are proud to be able to offer furniture that can create a flexible environment. With portal tables/hot bench and benches it becomes possible to create a flexible area. Here, you can always invite an extra person to join the lunch break or to have a quick meeting while standing.


Dencon produces a broad selection of furniture. Therefore, you can create precisely the canteen that suits your company and employees.

True love never dies - Danish values and a proud design tradition

For more than 50 years we have become part of a long and proud Danish design tradition. So with a solution from Dencon for your future canteen, you stand safely on the shoulders of experience where quality, functionality and comfort are always the first priority. 


Do you dream of a canteen where the combination options are endless and of the highest quality? Then contact your local Dencon dealer today or take a look in our online catalogue right now.


Flexibility is often key when furnishing a canteen. Tables are available in different sizes and surfaces. If a fixed frame is too static, then we also offer a folding frame option. If chairs need to be hung up, then hooks are also available, and if tables need to be moved, then we also have a cart to transport them.


Canteen furniture must be stylish. Our folding chairs are identical to those with a fixed frame. So, you can mix the two types of chairs to suit your needs. Good taste.


Appearance is decisive when it comes to interiors. Canteen tables can be supplied in laminate or linoleum and are available in a myriad of colours. The frames are supplied in chrome, and we are pleased to offer a new optional black frame.

A stylish gathering point for the entire company

The canteen is the place where we take our lunch breaks, socialise across the company. In brief, it is an important area when maintaining a good working environment. Therefore, it is also important to pamper the company with a striking and inviting area.

With our canteen furniture you can create both physical and mental well-being for your company - you can make your good employees even better.

A large Danish-produced selection
With canteen furniture from Dencon, you get furniture where top quality, functionality and flexibility go hand-in-hand.

With more than 50 years’ experience, we can enrich your interior and, consequently, you can be certain you will get a durable solution with our broad assortment.

Remarkable lightness in a gathering point

With our canteen tables you can create a stylish and inviting canteen. We have the furniture that creates a flexible interior. This is where there is room for all kinds of functions and you can be certain that your employees and guests will always feel welcome.


If you choose to furnish your canteen with our canteen tables with folding legs, you can easily invite extra people for lunch.



A strong and maintenance-free canteen table

The canteen is a gathering point with plenty of daily activity. This is why it is essential to choose canteen furniture that is durable and maintenance-free.


Our canteen tables are available in many sizes, shapes and colours. Common to them all is that they are made for daily use and are easy to clean.

Our folding tables are designed with an innovative folding frame from 1000dots, bringing extraordinary quality to cafeteria, meeting, and educational spaces. The flexible mechanism makes them perfect for quick rearrangements and various events.

Which table should you choose?

Furnishing the company’s canteen can be a big decision as there are many options. Make a well-considered decision with Dencon. We have a broad selection with many different canteen tables that suit the various purposes in the working day.


Find the right canteen tables here and contact our knowledgeable dealers. They are always ready to give you advice to help you find the right solution that will work for your company.


Tables, benches or chairs?

At Dencon, we offer a broad selection of canteen chairs. Everything from benches and bar stools, each of which contribute to expressing your company’s values.

When you need to purchase new canteen chairs, you can easily choose a mixture of classic stacking chairs with chrome frame, bar stools and benches. In this way, you give your employees the freedom to choose the settings for their break.


Regardless of whether you have a streamlined or a dynamic style, you can be sure that with our canteen chairs, you never compromise - not with the employees’ ergonomics or comfort - both are prioritised.


Chairs and tables with many options

Dencon is a proud producer of a lively canteen. Our canteen chairs and tables fit perfectly in many contexts and are extremely practical. Our stacking chairs and canteen tables can be used and adapted to any company.


The right colour choice is paramount when creating a calm and professional canteen. At Dencon, you have a choice between an abundance of colours. Consequently, you can be certain you will find the absolutely right shade that suits your company. Get inspiration and become wiser about your future environment here.


With canteen chairs from Dencon, you will get maintenance-free quality furniture that is easy to clean and you can always count on the canteen having an inviting appearance for your employees and guests. 

Multifunctional Use

Our folding tables are not limited to cafeterias. They are suitable for meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and more. Create an inspiring and multifunctional environment with our stylish furniture.

Practical and Space-saving

With our patented folding system and transport cart, you can easily handle up to 10 tables at once. This space-saving solution is ideal for businesses looking for easy storage and transport.

Versatile chair suspension

On the folding tables, chair suspension can be mounted, accommodating a wide range of different cafeteria chairs. This significantly eases floor cleaning!

Let the aesthetic expression reflect your company

“Combination” is the key word. Dencon has many years’ experience composing beautiful and functional combinations.

Dencon’s broad selection of canteen chairs, bar stools and benches means that you can reflect your company’s values. In addition, we have a large number of canteen tables. They can also be customised to precisely your company and your needs.

Danish design and quality

Since 1964, Dencon has supplied companies all over Europe with office furniture interiors that have a special Danish style - desks and storage, as well as canteens with tables and chairs and reception areas.

Our deep Danish roots mean that we not only place great emphasis on the details in the aesthetic expression, but also on quality and functionality. With our experience we can ensure your company a functional and remarkable canteen.


Would you like us to take care of your company together? Contact your local Dencon dealer so you can explore the possibilities for your future canteen.

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