Canteen tables

The canteen is about eating and social interaction. Here, people meet - formally and informally - or alone in peace and quiet with their focus on relaxing.

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We create surroundings with a mix of tables and chairs, standing room, soft seats or one-man operated folding tables. With chairs that can be hung, which gives a visual calmness for the eye and makes it easier to clean the floor.

Fixed frame canteen tables

A fixed frame canteen table is a smart cost-saving option. Simple and stylish. Just as stylish as a table with a folding frame, but also a cost-saving alternative.


Canteen table with folding frame/folding legs

Choosing a canteen table with a folding frame provides a solution that is flexible. A stylish canteen and with tables that are easy to move


Flexibility is often key when furnishing a canteen. Tables are available in different sizes and surfaces. If a fixed frame is too static, then we also offer a folding frame option. If chairs need to be hung up, then hooks are also available, and if tables need to be moved, then we also have a cart to transport them.


Canteen furniture must be stylish. Our folding chairs are identical to those with a fixed frame. So, you can mix the two types of chairs to suit your needs. Good taste.


Appearance is decisive when it comes to interiors. Canteen tables can be supplied in laminate or linoleum and are available in a myriad of colours. The frames are supplied in chrome, and we are pleased to offer a new optional black frame.

Canteen hot tables and benches  

Our canteen hot tables have been developed for use in fast and informal occasions including meetings or breaks, and perhaps even whilst standing.

The tables are available in the size you want and on a variety of surfaces. And then it's gathered in flattery as the storage. Smart, simple and functional.

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