Reception areas and reception modules

The first impression is always important. This is where you provide a warm welcome.

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At the same time, the reception is a functional workplace that must accommodate the possibility for individual adjustment - so the people who welcome guests also feel comfortable.

With flexible furniture, you have more options to arrange and use the space as needed.

Counter modules

Our counter desk modules are made up of building blocks, which together create the reception desk. Functional reception desks that are also lovely to look at. Just as with bookcases and cabinets, the reception area can be furnished using doors and drawers.


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If you would like a stylish desk in your reception area, which can be furnished with our bookcases and cabinets, while also providing the associated furnishing freedom, then look no further than our reception hot desk.

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Building a reception area is a complicated task.

Good ergonomics

Therefore, we have made several modules that can simply be combined to suit requirements.


Colours and sizes also create the right visual expression.

Reception modules

Just like our counter modules, our reception area modules are made up of elements that combine to give the room an overall aesthetic. The main idea is to produce flexible reception areas that are adjustable in length.

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