Meeting and conference tables

The flexible space for dynamic meetings or conventional conferences. For example, with our media booth; a room-in-room
solution for arranged or spontaneous meetings.

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We reflect your needs - simple, elegant and exclusive.

Our design sets the framework for the many functions of the meeting room, from job interviews to creative workshops.

XL conference tables

XL conference tables are Dencons answer to the traditional Scandinavian conference table.

Graceful, simple and stylish with many possibilities. From tables that are quite small, to those that are considerably larger. The table can be used in any situation.

An anthracite lacquered support system ensures great stability. Each rectangle ensures 360 ° support under each plate. If the table is to be expanded, each new frame / plate can be connected in a - in principle - infinite series.

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Rectangular legs 

Dencons rectangular legs are an example of fine design and practical solutions, no matter whether the desk has manual legs, double or triple-jointed electrically operated legs, they all have the same appearance. Manual legs even have an internal cable solution.

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Round legs

Round legs, both manual and electric, have the same design. Elegant, exciting and functional.

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Round legs with Y-shaped feet 

One alternative to traditional T-shaped legs are round legs with Y-shaped feet. A lighter feel and a lovely alternative that brightens up the office.

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Danish design

Dencon conference furniture benefits interior designers. Beautiful chairs that complement conference tables with rectangular, round or wooden legs.

Stylish cable grommets that guide cables down into cable trays. Y-shaped feet that grace the floor, or quite simply, a sitting/standing desk with chrome legs.

These are the challenges faced by an interior architect.

Column table with Y-shaped feet  

For more informal meetings we supply column desks with Y-shaped feet. Tables at different heights provide a positive and informal impression.

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Flip-top Frame 

The flip-top frame is a stylish fixed frame. Wheels and a practical cable tray are standard equipment.

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