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Five things to focus on when designing your office interiors

The office is an essential space in any business – many productive and creative hours are spent there every day. That is why it is important that the office design provides a functional and inspiring framework to promote effective work and creative thinking about coming business adventures.

Every office consists of a range of basic furniture such as: desks, office chairs and storage. They all have a vital function when it comes to creating a quiet and aesthetically pleasing working environment.

Interior designer Charlotte Møller believes that the most important task of interior design is to “support a business’s working culture, its current and future image through the choice of furniture, accessories and the way in which these are arranged and used”.

That may seem like a big challenge. This is why Dencon has compiled the best advice for the office interior design that you can use for inspiration.

The desk – the base of the workstation  

The desk provides the base of the workstation. A functional and stylish desk at which you can feel comfortable every day is important. The desk needs to be able to accommodate everything you need for a productive working day – computer, keyboard, mouse, notebook, coffee etc.

As well as enough space, it is important to think about physical well-being when choosing a desk. Did you know that according to the Danish Working Environment Authority, it is the responsibility of the employer to plan work in such a way as to allow variety? In a sedentary job, variety can be achieved by using Dencon’s height-adjustable desks.

You schould also prioritise the option of having different ‘materials and sizes as well as flexibility’ as many businesses often ‘need to change configurations, re-group and adapt the way in which desks are arranged,” explains Charlotte Møller – double desks may be a sensible solution as they invite to discussion and interaction between the employees.

Think sustainably in your office design   

Sustainable and environmentally friendly choices form a natural part of all Dencon offerings – they lie at the core of our design philosophy.

All contemporary interiors now keep a keen eye on the impact they leave on this Earth that belongs to us all. It pays to care about the way in which the furniture has been produced and to think long term, so that you acquire quality furniture that is timeless and able to withstand many years of daily wear and tear.

You benefit from choosing sustainable office furniture for your interiors. With Dencon, you can be sure that:

  • Your furniture has the smallest environmental carbon footprint
  • Your furniture has been manufactured under good and safe working conditions
  • The furniture you choose for your office comes from sustainable forestry

Find out more about our initiatives for better and more sustainable production.

Part of the Danish design heritage

Dencon upholds traditional Danish design values deep in its soul. Our design is democratic, it focuses on harmony and the person who will use our furniture.

It’s a differing approach

The person in focus means that we take the body and its functions into consideration. We do this because we know that moving the body affects well-being, which has a positive impact on your workday.

Made in Denmark since 1964

After more than 50 years on the market, Dencon is shaped by Danish traditions of craftsmanship and design. Most of our furniture is produced at our factory in Denmark, by craftsmen who have a sense for quality in all respects.

Office chair comfort during sedentary work and behaviour  

There are many things to consider when choosing office chairs. Should they be with or without arm rests? How high should the seat be? Should they be fully padded? What should the material be?

Time spent at a desk should be spent in a good chair to ensure that you are able to sit comfortably.

The right office chair can have a decisive effect, and, according to Charlotte Møller, it must be possible “for several people to use them as a single workstation is often used by multiple employees”. She adds that office chairs should also “be available in several shades and with various accessories to fit into the overall look of the business, and they have to possess many qualities all at the same time”.

Decorative storage for the office  

Office and creative work can quickly take up a lot of space on the desk which is why storage is such an essential part of any office design. The right storage can smarten up the office. We suggest that you choose solutions that are not only practical, but that also complement the space.

Storage does not have to be boring – it can even be used as a decorative feature. We view storage as much more than just a place to store bits of paper – storage is something your business can use to create rooms and snug corners in an open-plan office.

“I think it’s important that storage modules are flexible and have multiple functions than simply being somewhere to keep folders and stationery. This means that you have the opportunity to get creative in your design to allow for both storage and general use – as well as an exciting look,” explains Charlotte Møller.

This can be done by using our pull-out cabinets, for example, which offer a storage function, but also contribute to defining the overall look of the office.

Give your interior design an edge by using materials, colours and shapes  

Thinking in materials, colours and shapes from the start may be a good idea as everything affects the way in which the working environment is experienced.

By mixing and matching, you create contrast and edge in your interior design. This can be done by using:

  • Storage in different materials, colours or shapes
  • Different textiles for office chairs
  • Desks at different heights and in different shapes
  • Lounge areas between office groups
  • A mixture of hard and soft materials

In future, the idea of community will be paramount. Charlotte Møller explains that “there will be an increased focus on communities, common areas, café spaces etc. Places to meet colleagues with room to create a sense of community and good atmosphere”.

A particular aesthetic is needed in order to create an atmosphere and spirit that reflect the culture of a business – which is why interior design is extremely important.

These are things you should be considering when designing your office space. If you need advice and expertise, Dencon dealers are always on hand to offer expert guidance and help you make the right decisions in the interior design of your office.

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