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Modern facilities at the forefront

Design og Idrætsefterskolen Skamling is a modern school that prioritises contemporary facilities and strives to maintain its position at the forefront.

Inspiring environment

“Our premises for educating students are brand new and provide the best possible conditions for learning and reflection in contemporary surroundings,” states the boarding school on its website.

 And the students aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the highly inspiring surroundings, when designing a number of offices and new conference rooms the boarding school chose furniture from Dencon, which was supplied by Haubjerg Indretning.

Part of the Danish design heritage

Dencon upholds traditional Danish design values deep in its soul. Our design is democratic, it focuses on harmony and the person who will use our furniture.

It’s a differing approach

The person in focus means that we take the body and its functions into consideration. We do this because we know that moving the body affects well-being, which has a positive impact on your workday.

Made in Denmark since 1964

After more than 50 years on the market, Dencon is shaped by Danish traditions of craftsmanship and design. Most of our furniture is produced at our factory in Denmark, by craftsmen who have a sense for quality in all respects.

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