Partition screens

Dencons moderne og lydreducerende skærmvægge er designet af møbelarkitekt MMD Michael H. Nielsen. Rammen og kernen er lavet i massiv eg, der er beklædt med stof med støjreducerende fyldning.

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Partition screens

Removable screen wall for the agile office. You can create visual tranquility and mute the soundscape in the office as needed.

Partition screens aren’t standard in open plan offices, but are an important element, nevertheless. Therefore, we have created partition screens for enclosing workstations. Our partition screens are not copies of others that have come before them. They are inclined elements, which are supported by oak frames. Functional, simple and stylish.

Dencon partition screens come in Lido and Lido Trend, which with fleece on the back provides a strong and comfortable fabric that is Eco-Tek approved. With 84 colors, you can create the right visual mood and support the company's branding.

The frame is made of solid European oak.

Danish design

Noise reduction is a task faced throughout open plan offices.

There are many traditional methods to solving the problem, and then there are our partition screens. Beautiful, at an incline and with wooden frames.

For interconnecting, with wheels. Simple and stylish.

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