Orangebox and Sedus

Our vision for the working environment of the future is based on a customer-centred asset to understand and adapt impacts, and continuous dialogue with our customers is the key to the insight that shapes our future designs.

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But, fully knowing that alongside a global economy comes a massive diversity, we are never arrogant enough to believe that our own research has all the answers. Thus, we are constantly involved in “research within research”.

Orangebox focuses on supplying innovation to our most important market segments. “Smartworking” - a portfolio of furniture focused on creating a co-operative platform and “Task Seating” - where we aim to achieve the ideal chair for each field of work.


Orangebox are upholstered seating groups and boxes. The style is compatible with Scandinavian simplicity. Orangebox is typically an opportunity to create fun areas at the office. A divider between workspaces. A breathing space...


Sedus is Europe’s largest chair manufacturer. More than 100 years’ history makes Sedus a highly skilled furniture provider. Design, functionality, and testing are the recipe for the trust enjoyed by Sedus throughout Europe.

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