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Lægerne ved Havnen went the extra mile with specialist products and quality materials

In the summer of 2020, Lægerne ved Havnen in Vejle moved into new centrally located premises. They dreamt of creating a modern and timeless medical practice – and found the perfect match in Dencon’s quality and eye for detail. In partnership with the local Dencon dealer, Dencon supplied a complete solution in which quality was paramount – no expense was spared. Several customised solutions were developed to match the requirements of Lægerne ved Havnen and ensure a professional and welcoming environment.

No two rooms are the same - just as it should be

That is why it was essential that Dencon could produce customised furniture suitable for the requirements of Lægerne ved Havnen. 

A wealth of specialist furniture was developed; one of the products manufactured was a counter that met the requirements of the group medical practice. 

Dencon and Lægerne ved Havnen worked closely together throughout the process. Practice manager Jeanette Oxholm explains that she “found that the designated Dencon contact was the same person all the way through, and this meant that we always both knew what we were talking about”.

A strong partnership between Dencon and Lægerne ved Havnen

Dencon experienced working with a very committed customer who went on factory visits and was very receptive to Dencon’s recommendations for interior design, furniture selection and choice of materials. 

Lægerne ved Havnen found that Dencon’s expertise sometimes “saw things that we hadn’t considered, for example the importance of using the same type of wood throughout the practice,” explains Jeanette.  

Lægerne ved Havnen also saw that Dencon was deeply committed to the entire process as “we have had enormous help from Dencon, help that you would not normally expect to receive from a supplier. We were promised success, and we got it. They have even dropped by subsequently to check that everything was in order – they also helped to assemble some of the furniture”. 

The partnership resulted in Lægerne ved Havnen making some uncompromising decisions in which quality was always paramount – they were investing in durable and hard-wearing solutions for the future in a busy practice with many patients forever going in and out.

Part of the Danish design heritage

Dencon upholds traditional Danish design values deep in its soul. Our design is democratic, it focuses on harmony and the person who will use our furniture.

It’s a differing approach

The person in focus means that we take the body and its functions into consideration. We do this because we know that moving the body affects well-being, which has a positive impact on your workday.

Made in Denmark since 1964

After more than 50 years on the market, Dencon is shaped by Danish traditions of craftsmanship and design. Most of our furniture is produced at our factory in Denmark, by craftsmen who have a sense for quality in all respects.

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