Dencon colours

Here are colours and finishes for Dencon furniture.


Maple veneer

European maple veneer
Desk tops & storage units

Beech veneer

European beech veneer
Desk/table tops & storage units

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

White laminate

Desk tops
Formica Fundamentals F6463
NCS 0502-G50Y

Light grey laminate

Desk/table tops
Formica Fundamentals F6466
NCS 2002-B

Anthracite grey laminate

Desk/table tops
Formica Fundamentals F6467
NCS 8000-N

Beech laminate

Desk/table tops
Arpa 4177

Maple laminate

Desk/table tops
Arpa 4145

Black nano laminate

Desk/table tops
Arpa 0720
NCS 8500-N

Forbo linoleum

Black Forbo linoleum

Desk tops
Forbo 4023
NCS 8500-N

Anthracite grey Forbo linoleum

Desk/table tops
Forbo 4166
NCS 8502-B

Light grey forbo linoleum

Desk/table tops
Forbo 4175
NCS 3502-Y


Aluminium colour

Desk/table frame/legs
RAL 9006


Desk/table frame/legs

Black metal

RAL 9005

White metal

Desk frames
RAL 9016

Delta Cantine

Canteen furniture from Dencon is the elegant and functional choice. Efficiency is key in the modern canteen. That’s why Dencon focuses heavily on user-friendliness and simplicity in its design. Practical and space-saving design combines a complete canteen environment with comfort and durable design.

The canteen tables have a light, stylish design. They are easy to handle and clean; they are foldable for easy storage, and also come with castors, making them easy to move.

The Frigg chairs are made from sturdy polyurethane with high levels of seat comfort. In addition to having a modern, vibrant look, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Dencon’s canteen furniture is a safe, practical and uncompromising choice that meets all the needs for a functional canteen in a modern and efficient company.



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